February 2009

Our raised beds warm up pretty fast, and  I was able to plant Maxigolt peas today.  Of course, we are just about to  enter Mud Season here in New Enlgand and a Nor’ Easter is on the way tomorrow, but I planted them anyway!  Last weekend I started seeds; Redbor kale, Mizuna mustard grrens,  Bright Lights chard and  Sessantina broccoli raab.

Kathy is a gardener in Belmont, MA not too far from where we live in Westwood.  She is a skilled grower and a talented photographer, and I read her blog Skippy’s Vegetable Garden on a regular basis.  Her beautiful garden photography always lifts my spirits and her Garden Gnome is far more reliable harbinger of spring than Punxsutawney Phil.


Recently Kathy mentioned that she has been toying with the idea of having chickens, but she has some hesitations, so this post is for her and hopefully anyone else intrigued by the idea of a small flock of chickens in your urban or suburban backyard…  (more…)